Appeal to the;

The World’s Leaders

The World’s media

Population of the World



         The population of the World believes we live in an era of civilized behavior. We believe this based on our improved knowledge in the fields of technology, medicine, science and the general improvement in our consciousness. Is this but an illusion? How civilized are we and to what extent are we utilizing our knowledge in order to oversee the earthly resources and our economy? Is it to act in a civilized manner when the population on earth uses the knowledge in order to separate ourselves, we, against them? Is it to act in a civilized manner to wage war against each other based on territorial claims, religious opinions, economical interests, and cultural perceptions? Is it to act in a civilized manner to oversee the earthly resources in a short term perspective based on economical profits and not a long term perspective for a common future? Is it to act in a civilized manner to keep the majority of the world’s population on a level where they have no possibilities for education and gaining knowledge?

         The world has a disease when we are allowed to live a life where great differences are allowed, and where each day is a struggle to survive, no possibilities to live out our dreams, hopes and inner needs. Wars are carried out every day, wars where innocent, powerless people are suffering. The beautiful garden of Earth are polluted and trashed with no respect of Life. Less than 12 % of the world’s countries are governed by democratic principles.

         How civilized is the world when it lives in a spirit of selfishness where each individual looks upon itself in isolation, separated from the greater context and unity? How civilized is a World where the driving force is survival of the fittest and to conquest at the loss of others? How civilized is it to promote war, not mercy, to promote economical profit at the loss of a fellow human beings possibility to survive?

         How civilized is the world when it open eyed can watch the illness and misery without protesting, without initiated counter-actions, without believing it possible to change the global consciousness? We are all passengers on this planet, allowing the world to take a steady course towards a disaster without even putting on the breaks or attempting to change direction.

         Any civilized human being with a common sense would have protested or attempted to change direction.

         The people of the world possess a formidable, common force that CAN change direction. A change in our attitude and awareness that “WE CAN TURN”, can unify this force for the purpose of executing a civilized change, where ethics, human rights and mercy will be the focal point of all our actions and choices for a future world.

         The time has come for a change of consciousness. The possibility for this is hereby outlined in this appeal to the leaders of the world, the press and media of the world and the entire population of the world.

         My fellow human beings – listen! Look into yourself and join forces for this appeal. If each and one of us do a little, we achieve a lot! We can make the impossible possible!

         How we define our common consciousness to be the population of the World depends on our individual consciousness and the role of every single individual in this collective. It depends on our individual will and intentions of each one of us as a human being and part of the greater unity. We all tend to see ourselves solely as individuals fighting our adversary. This view creates the suffering with its injustice and struggle for survival. Absent of honor for Life and the acknowledgement of “WE ARE ONE” in our consciousness restricts unity and brotherhood in honor and respect of each other, and destroys the future of the Earth.

         Pay attention! The human race has forgotten that together we possess an enormous force if concentrated and used to achieve a common goal. Today, this consciousness is divided hence the force being a powerless servant of the individual being. This creates apathy and stagnation. If the goal and force are united in a common consciousness of a New World, this force will increase and make the impossible possible. A healthy Earth for its inhabitants and a common goal for the future for her descendants is the dream.

         The time has come for a common consciousness and an appeal for all three groups will follow:


The world’s Leaders:

The declaration of human rights, article 1:

             “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.”

             This Article must be a fundamental part of your intension when you, as a Leader of the World, are executing your power. This article must be decisive and governing for your choices and actions as an executive of power. If not, you are not worthy your position.

             As of today, only two options exist for a Leader of the World to have his seat:

  1. The inner drive to gain admiration in order to let his ego grow and gain reputation, power and benefits based on other peoples possibilities.
  2. Where the loving spirit of idealism as the driving force has guided them to their position in order to make a difference, a change, for the population, and to execute goodness through the position possessed by a Leader of the World.

The appeal to you, as one of the world’s Leaders, is:

Use your inner voice, listen and follow this voice. What inner drive guided you towards a position of power? Who do you serve? Are you serving yourself or the people?

Venerate Life. Consider all living individuals as a brother or sister, even those you do not know. By doing so, and seeking the goodness in your execution of power, you will gain something for yourself and the human race.

It is time for all the leaders of the world to look into themselves, examining their own intentions. Take a step away from the abyss of illusion of power, pressure and existing attitudes. Have you forgotten why you were permitted to hold such a position? The World needs you to execute power based on wisdom and knowledge venerating the spirit of Life. It is time to change your consciousness in order to unite and change the future for the World.

This appeal is forwarded to a major part of the world at the same time to make you, the Leaders, understand that you are being watched. Your skills as a Leader are examined. As of today, you all have the possibility to change the consciousness and the future of the World.

In 1948, the General Assembly of the UN appealed to all member states to quote the declaration of human rights for this to be “distributed, known, read and explained, particularly in schools and other educational for a, without any restrictions based on the individual states political status.”

This must now be reinforced in such a way that the population of the World becomes aware of the values of this declaration. By this the population will achieve a lift in their consciousness about their common goal – the evolution and future of their world.

You, the leaders of the World, have a responsibility to follow these virtues when executing your power and to ensure that knowledge in the world increases.   


The World’s media

You have a responsibility to watch the leaders of the world. Your mission is, in an objective way, to inform and report what take place in the world. You have a unique possibility and together you have the strength to inform about any events that can be changed for the better of the World. Do the leaders execute their power based on the ethics of the declaration of human rights? If not, confront them and make follow ups! Ask for statements and provide public information if they do not show responsibility in their execution of power.

Unfortunately, the leaders in different countries have gain power to control the media; hence the focus in the media is not necessarily in the best interest for the population.

The force of the economy, a common illusion about what is important to the reader and what kind of news will sell, is often the essential part of surviving in the world of mass media. As a result of this, the more important issues are not given the necessary priority.

Why did you apply for a position as an associate to the world’s media?

You, those who have taken upon yourselves the role and position of informers about what is going on in the world, have a duty to investigate. Your focus should now be on the Leaders of the World. What focus have they? What are their aims and objectives? Who is executing their power to the best for humanity or who has a focus on own benefits? How do they govern the resources of the world? Does corruption occur and do they neglect the human rights when executing their power? If so, they should be in your focus in order to expose their behaviors.

In an objective way, you should inform the leaders about the climatic situation and the change in global warming.

Far too often, the leaders get away with the use of corruption, disregarding human rights against individuals or groups. This is a result of the economical drive and mutual bounds between the elite of power.

If the media of the world together can focus on this appeal about a change of consciousness in the world, and put focus upon the leaders, the influence of the press will increase. You will gain a unified power and a force if you together and without delay keep your focus on the leaders.

Unite yourselves, and keep in mind your ethical and journalistic aim to be an objective spokesperson to tell the population about what is going on. Your united power, aim and work can make the population rise their consciousness in such a way that changes can blossom throughout time.

You, the single individuals of the media in the world, can together make the entire population of the world understand that the future of Earth should be the focus.


The population of the World

To all the individuals living on Earth; we are brothers and sisters and together we can achieve a unified force with great power. Concentrating on “We Can Turn”, we can achieve what was believed to be impossible and what many tried to achieve but gave in: A healthy Earth where Justice rule.

We are all a part of a family, we the individuals possessing the Force of Life. We wish to live prosperous and well in harmony and balance with ourselves and those around us.

As the world is today, there are so many great challenges to the individuals in many places on earth, making us believe we have lost our ability to change the conditions on earth. A sense of apathy and powerlessness is spread throughout a great deal of the population living in distress and oppression of their leaders. Daily, the people of Earth experience catastrophes, corruption between leaders, employers and organizations in their greedy search for material benefits, all at the cost of their brothers and sisters on Earth.

The individuals search for benefits at the cost of others, have destroyed our common goal in this world; to live together in harmony. Our common future should be the focal point for each and one of us. We must change our attitudes in a way that make us able to influence upon the governing of the world and to create a future through a common consciousness about our values.

Rich and poor, sick and healthy have the possibility to express themselves. Use your voice and possibilities to make a difference, to influence those around you, to carefully choose your leaders, to influence the media in the world. Use your voice to tell that no one must forget who they serve and what their focus should be. All of you, around the world, if we change our consciousness with respect for life, earth, all living things, if we make our attitude that of brotherhood our common spirit, thought and force will become a power greater than anything achieved before. It is possible to change the course for our future. It can change today with every single individual, with YOU who read or listen to the words.

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.

This applies for you, you are one of all, but it also applies for your brother and sister on earth. This should be your starting point when using your common sense and consciousness acts against other human beings. The spirit of brotherhood must be your starting point and driving force in order to increase the power that can unite the human race and set a new course for the future.

We should expect and demand all people to be treated in an equal way.



To the world's population who are reading these words. Much happens in the world in this era and many individuals come forward with their thoughts and opinions about what is happening and what it means. The new "religion" emerges. The former New Age going into concentrated systems with particular interested and enthusiasm about world health is now beginning to emerge. These ideas are now appearing in the media and as general conversation around the coffee table. What you as an individual now must do, is to decide which path humanity should go. It is not necessarily very important to have a religiously organized system or a New Age religious system for humanity, to take a position or to turn back. This applies to all mankind in their everyday life. This is where the work must take place, as well as in the environments that receive cosmic information. The people who are light workers today paving the way for clarifying the world, should gradually begin to understand what is going on and the cosmic principles of natural laws. On their way they have made a formidable and important work to inform about new ideas and that people have an opportunity to change course if the thought is combined with the common good principles.

In this time of mankind, there are major changes in political systems and more will come. Human Rights principles begin to force their way into human consciousness and reflection, when they see that it is necessary for visions to become active, in order to change the path of human development and history. In this way human rights were a means to clear the way and have been waiting for the people themselves to become aware of the need to use them actively and that they are not only beautiful words written in documents. The reason for the change to happen is a general discontent of the systems in today’s world and systems that is taking place in concentrated areas on the planet. This applies to the governing authorities, but also leading banking organizations and others who have influence in the world's current machinery.

We have reached a time when technical means are used, such as internet and other distribution systems for information like television channels and media reporters. Information about what happens on earth distributes today virtually the moment it is made public in contrast to what it did in ancient history where rumors and ideas needed time to spread giving the possibility of an impact. In ancient history, where fundamentalist ideals and thoughts came back, they got time to get a firm grip and heal point in human consciousness in small communities. This is because they were sheltered from other individuals' thoughts and ideas that took place elsewhere on the earth, so that the energy and power and this idea could have strong influence in a group. This happens in the world even today, when poverty and the execution of power from the authoritarian keeps a firm grip on individual expression. Nevertheless, these authoritarian systems begin to lose their grip and power when they are threatened by information that seeps into the population through modern media. People begin to see that they have an opportunity to free themselves from unhealthy leadership by seeing examples that have already occurred in the early eastern block countries and some Arab countries in recent history.

Most of these revolutions have taken place in peaceful forms without violence and clashes. United strengthen its mass of a united goal led to the government lost its legitimacy.

This peaceful revolutionary way out powers is a relatively new phenomenon that is a natural consequence of the time we live in. There are two factors that are the reason for this. One is just using the media to increase the strength and consciousness of the actors. The whole world is witnessing what is happening and this increases self-esteem and the belief that a change is possible. Meanwhile media is just one factor that has been used in advance of such a revolution. Therefore one can not put a finger on exactly what specifically started such a dividend of one branch of government. The worldwide communications media in all its forms prevents dogmas and prejudices do not get that tight grip around the man's independent thought. This is because authoritarian governments cannot censor thoughts and reflections from the outside world, even if they try. Hackers and other people with ideals and forces with the desire to make a difference and to help to change a system intervene in some cases in order to help get that information flow.
The second factor is the active participants who do not lose heart but exhibit strength and endurance in which they express their opinions and actively make a difference to come together through a united cause. They act in a civilized manner targeted where they want a change without resorting to weapons and physical struggle through violence and destructive behavior. These peaceful demonstrations show a coordinated human mass with their common, peaceful goals where they are not divided into individual single wishes. This is important and a new phenomenon that  is shown now in world history.

With the help of today's technological advances, people have an opportunity to organize themselves in a different way than before. Now, people have an opportunity to organize themselves and pick up various thoughts and create a common interaction. When having the opportunity to present that, it gets a chance to take hold and to manifest itself.

Mankind eventually understand that it is necessary with a change in political systems, financial systems, educational and humanitarian and social constellations when they see that the distribution of wealth on earth is not fair. They see that some people get more than they need to maintain a good life, while others have little opportunity to achieve the necessary comfort to enjoy life. This will eventually change. Especially considering the recent peaceful revolutions in some of the authoritarian governing people see that it is possible to do it before considered impossible. When many come together around an idea, there is a possibility and power strong enough to put the idea into practice.

It is now important is to educate and raise awareness of the new generations in the new value vision and new ways of thinking than the old established governing systems that takes place on the earth today. Should a change occur we must learn to think in new ways and it is this that is important for future generations.


Children are born into the systems today which are beginning to burst, and from their point of departure, it is possible to begin to shape new ideas and thoughts when the young energy they have in them that courage, power and strength can be used and they can replace the tired human mind that has become apathetic and paralyzed. Older generations are shaped into an old form that is not productive in that regard to a new road and the era of humanity. This is a natural development when awareness is developed as knowledge of a broader perspective on life. These new generations of children have a great impact with his energy and childlike and wonderful blessed the idea that anything is possible. Their starting point is that they own the world and their wish is that they will make a difference on Earth. This has already begun about a look at the revolutions in Egypt and surrounding areas.

Older people in the world today and generations back have not understood that they have an influence to change and to make a revolutionary difference in the world when they were hampered by sluggish world news distribution due to the absence of the technological advances the world has today. Earth is in a unique situation today when this is possible. The collective consciousness of thinking will change with time when the global communication spreads virtually the same moment, and when the planet's population simultaneously.
Thoughts that are split and not a function of associations have long ruled the world and it has made the world slow development in terms of solidarity and democratic progress. It is very possible that the future of the world have human rights principles embedded in their value as an active vision in his practical way of life.
When we talk about revolution we do not mean the ancient kind of revolutionary concept. We're talking about a development through time when new measures are adopted, but we encourage people to be reflective of what a desired change is to be replaced with. When humanity is ready to make a change to take an old and not functioning control system, it must also be compiled with an idea of ​​what they want to replace it published. It may be a danger to use force and energy in the youthful mind by starting a campaign and movement so that old systems are crashed without having a conscious common thought about what they want to take over instead. When a system such as a country's key power is overthrown because it has lost its authority and legitimacy are generally new forces and energies are ready to take over. They may have attitudes of religious fundamentalist character of their own gain and exercise of power at the expense of others. What are people willing to bet? What are people willing to risk? What are they willing to sacrifice? And what kind of system should to replace the old? These are questions that should be in the consciousness of the common collective mind when a lot of people start a movement. Use your time wisely and do not do anything hasty. The new systems will have values ​​and principles that will serve the common good and have an idealism that looks for control in long-term perspective and not just in the moment. These are questions that people should be aware of when they make changes on the earth.

The choices rests with is the people themselves. There is no override from the cosmic about developments that will happen, but the wishes and values ​​and influence from the cosmic happening, but man chooses. No humans are victims of circumstances that occur, for by making a choice or not making choices, each individual made a choice.


One cannot say that one is a victim of circumstance in the large general perspective when it comes to the planet's future and its development. Small steps must be passed, but many small steps is a power in time that can cause big changes for the good of all. Therefore, this appeal is very important because it uses the ideals and values ​​that are from the highest good potential and protects each individual's best in community development goals.


A World.

The technological progress in global development today, means that the world view is global and not divided. Along with this development here follows a proposal for a new world order to ensure the earth's future with further technical development, but also a development that is consistent with a civilized spirit. For the world to be safe and managed in a stable way something must be removed and something new must be added. To get rid of corruption and authoritarian control is very important, but to achieve this, ideals must be changed so that it becomes a global consensus on a management basis of values ​​that are human-friendly and non-profit-friendly in the first instance.

To introduce a new global model takes time, attitudes and values ​​must be set up and a foundation of shared values must be ​​in place. It is necessary for the world to override where there is a common future for humanity as the whole is the goal. This is a good model for preventing corruption and the arbitrary control of each country. Through this model the world gathered strength on a common goal and a reverse operation is possible in which the development and progress can be targeted relatively much faster than the world's history has shown up to now. The reader is well awarded that the global development until now has been tainted by a divided mind in which all countries focus on themselves, and only half-hearted some countries have united in the UN organization? The United Nations has in the basic principle a good objective and the human rights formulated through the United Nations, has a high potential of the good in them. The execution of the UN's strength, however, is just so and so when their member countries cannot be contained with the necessary strength when they do not have a whole planet, and a 100% turnaround in focus. The reason for this is that it is not carried out a consensus process where world leaders are showing courage and strength and are prepared to give up some power and economic interests to strengthen the weaker countries to achieve the conditions on the planet that is in balance and smooth conditions to provide all the planet's inhabitants.

When we talk about the planet's leaders, it is another factor that should be discussed. How much influence has the common people who are the humanity? How transparent is really the power elite? What do the world's population about what really happens on the peaks where the agreements implemented? Do the people at grass root the full truth about the motives and agenda of each country when the joint agreements and plans implemented? Humanity has a common goal of the planet's future? Does not really people at grass roots influence to help to formulate the global shared values ​​and a possible turnaround? Being a citizen in a country ruled from the democratic values that meant that the citizen can influence what happens in meetings at the highest level? Is the driving power in reality only real when choosing new state management?


In order for a new model of a new world order to be put in place, it is necessary that the ordinary people begin to coordinate themselves through organized thinking, actions and demands for influence to control the globe based on common values. Humanity must organize itself with new learning about the mind, purpose and a common vision of how the world should be. In this way the power and strength of the world leaders can increase and start the turnaround of the planet's way forward.
There is great confidence to the coming generations about this idea when the children are born into a world where it is visible that a change is necessary. Their awareness and strength is the tool that is essential for the planet's future will be a success in this regard. This will take time, but it is not impossible when the collective consciousness is strengthened and increased in terms of a common future and not an attitude of "us against them."

It must be introduce an organized common value opinion at grass root level and in all control systems, not least in the school system. Human rights must be subject to increased focus, but also a new concept that must be on a par with human rights and are human obligations. What obligations do a person as a participant in the global community and fellow human being have? Having a right is something you are entitled to, but having a duty in a group and the society is little focused. These obligations must have the same ethical basis and moral basis for human rights. People must be aware of their actions and role as a human being. Through strength and self-consciousness as the moral and ethics, man can change the common perception of themselves as a homogenous group with the same rights and obligations. When this is a general attitude is the world well on the way in its turnaround.

UN member states are the ones who primarily have to start with this. It is required that the population must begin to make demands on public opinion and affect the value of the different management systems. Planet's population must begin to engage and claim a world leadership from the joint of the governing ethical principles. It is necessary to have a common human attitude about it at all should be possible to change the world. When the planet is ready to reorganize, the United Nations must be rearranged according to the proposed model which is described further in this manifesto.

In order to finance this new model, a percentage of the economic return from its own budget, companies and organizations in all member states must be transferred to a fund to be distributed to the crisis, campaigns, organization of the world in general council and humanitarian situations. The percentage must be cautious and not strangle the various undertakings of life basis.

The purpose of this is to equip the world's poor with a common protocol and organization related to all countries where there is a common understanding of this new model of world order. It will be built up so that it is effective and can be mobilized quickly when needed by good and efficient organization.


This common protocol should not only be known at the UN headquarters, but also be established in member countries so that the effectiveness and penetration should be appreciated best at the Protocol necessary situations where the content should be used. Learning to work so that all know their place and there is no doubt about responsibilities.
The incorporation of the world council of the existing humanitarian organizations is necessary so that the logistics and communications regarding the responsibilities flowing unimpeded and maintain an effective action. It can be discussed if they continue to be independent organizations or whether they merge with the world council's organization. What is decided in this respect is not important here, but it must be stressed that the Protocol's guidelines also apply these organizations. These organizations are sitting on a great deal of expertise of knowledge and experience. It is therefore advisable that these are included in the council when the protocol should be developed.
Throughout the world the Council's responsibility to poverty, illiteracy, inhumane management models and oppressive attitudes combated through joint global rights and duties.
Member states are obliged to follow this model and whether it maintains its functions from the new objectives and ethical guidelines, it will encourage more countries seeking membership and want to be part of this new model. When the ethical guidelines followed in practical life and not just on paper the world will see that there is a better place to live. World countries who do not want to be part of this model will find that they are excluded because they cannot cooperate with countries that have ethical attitudes in all their actions. This is forcing them eventually to change the government. If the leaders do not personally going to do this, the citizens of this country begin to demand it.

World Council will also take action against other countries that are not member countries when they see abuses by the authorities made against its inhabitants. When the world follows the advice of human rights and the duties they cannot fail to intervene in countries that operate in a totalitarian and inhumane way. In this way, the world's development happen more quickly than the situation has allowed the past when economic gains and a separate human spirit ruling the world.

In the world council, all member countries will be required to submit documentation of their country's governance and financial budget. All documents shall be open for inspection so that a fair and honest agenda always influence the choice and actions.

World Council and its management should also be reviewed and positions should not be held by people over long periods. They should be replaced regularly to prevent the attitudes that are not in accordance with the ethical guidelines are set up.

There must be introduced a new subject in schools that are just as worthy subjects such as reading, writing and mathematics. This course will be a main subject throughout the school age. The curriculum should be the same across the globe for the world's students. This course will focus on human rights, human duties, general attitudes and the new world order that will help and prevent the world's suffering.

Students will be trained in independent thinking and are trained to focus on attitudes that strengthen the ability to hold power influence and involvement as a worldwide member.

Attitudes that encourage separation will be prevented by this subject. A new consciousness will emerge, and we do not we and them. This strengthens the human spirit and common change is increasing the earth's potential.
Torture, corruption, pollution and authoritarian management models must be taught so that students want to move away from the mechanics and choices that lead to such participation as a member of the world. The importance of knowledge in order to prevent corruption through examples of governance and its techniques, have behaved authoritarian and that has caused human suffering.
New generations of children with the teaching of these new global attitudes will eventually find it natural to lead the world in a wise and unified way with the overall picture in focus.

There shall be established a global website where students can have a global communications. Here it should be possible to share information about the conditions prevailing in each country, proposed changes and examples of what works. This may relate to social models, active in community action, humanitarian crises and control systems at peak levels. What kind of influence grass roots have to these and the active actions that work to increase the impact force on a peaceful and civilized manner.
This website will be linked to the world council where information on all member countries are out there and students can keep a record of each individual's land management system and the model is made up of. Here, the students set tasks to each individual country has done to describe their country and how it is perceived to be a citizen under such a rule.

State budgets for each country are also published here and the general standard of living for the population examined.
What role the press has in their country is to examine the new values. How the press covers its own country’s leadership and whether they are a quiet voice, or not critical to how governance bodies exercise their power based on ethical and moral principles, must be examined.

The economical interest in each specific country has to be cooperation with other countries regarding economic affairs, and will be published here. A clear agenda must be made and explain this country's agenda by its actions against another country. Their failure to intervene, or is overruled because of financial interests becomes evident, actions must be taken.

Efforts to organize, coordinate and operate a new world order requires a lot of work and many employees. Therefore it is important to be facilitated so that people who want to work for a safe and good world the chance to contribute. World Council will therefore fund a scholarship that will fund education for applicants and the opportunity to be present for all world citizens.

When a student is graduated from school and want to educate themselves within the world organization, the Council shall recover the costs of their education through the World Council's education system. Must be established scholarship schemes where those who wish to contribute to efforts to ensure sound and secure world can have the opportunity to complete their education. This can be a binding agreement for both parties where the one who gets covered his education included an agreement to commit to work within the Council's organization in the world such as 10 years. If situations arise where an employee is forced to abandon their work within the agreed time, it has committed itself to work is the opportunity there for this, but then part of the grant converted into a loan that is interest free. The loan is calculated based on how much time is left of the agreement. The loan is calculated from the standard of living and economic situation in the country he lives and treasure to. Various educational programs required in such a world of work.

These are:
- Health
- Teachers
- Peacekeeping forces
- Legal personnel
- Technical experts
- People who are trained in ethics and morality as a human rights / duties
- Press
Coordinators within the organization and management
- Financial education, which trains personnel for banking, stock market, etc.
- Political scientists
- Educators in the social and trauma areas. The focus should be on strengthening own power and influence and power in their own lives.

A task force created as stand-by and ready to take over a country's interim leadership of a country's control are allocated. They will move in and lead the country until it implemented a new election of the country's citizens by democratic principles. Personnel who are specially trained to be able to contribute to help so that a democratic election can be implemented and a new state machinery works to maintain a sustainable infrastructure. Democratic governance models may be different, but the main principle is that an authoritarian leadership by force due to the influence of vested interests must be prevented.
An important factor is that such work must always take into account the cultural characteristics so that outside help is not an override of other cultural customs and perceptions of how life should be lived.
Life can be lived in many ways, but common feature should be equal rights and responsibilities when it comes to ethics and morality that gives the right to a free way of life for citizens. So, the educated people in all corners of the world so that trained personnel can work in their areas. At the beginning of such a comprehensive world system are some areas in the world in more need of help than other countries and then tip into a focus on education and personnel towards such areas. This also applies to countries that are more prone to natural disasters and climate changes that threaten the living conditions of a country's functioning and the living conditions of these countries' citizens.

The attitude of those who educate themselves and work within the new world organization, the Council should not reflect the fact that they are good helpers and self-sacrificing, but that they are equals. The countries and citizens who receive help should not client explained, but strengthened in their role. Aid should not be given in such a way that strengthens a feeling of powerlessness, but a strengthening of the individual itself, the goal. Therefore, not those indents provide assistance as passive a country with its citizens. Assistance provided will include citizens to participate and contribute while gaining experience and education of those who help so that assistance can be pulled out quickly from the areas and countries that are current.

Corruption is the factor besides authoritarian controls that keep the world back. Should the world have an opportunity to change for the better, it is important to combat any corruptions. There must be a rule that there is transparency in all accounts. This applies to small businesses to large organizations, banking and other financial institutions as well as the national budget. In this way prevented the living conditions of corruption in the world.

There are many reasons why this is important. Are all financial public sector, it is difficult for those who mismanagement to continue with legitimacy. It will then be natural that those who are engaged in corruption lose their power and the distribution of wealth is rightfully distributed with time. The need for humanitarian aid and development assistance will decrease as the governance of countries and organizations will lose the opportunity to walk away from assets that rightfully belong to others. Competition terms and conditions for various businesses will also be conducted in a lawful manner when cronyism and shady connections will be revealed by opening documents and statements. If open account is the general rule, the world council and the people know what is happening and human hostile attitudes are revealed.

The possibility that people with power and money to be able to take money from organizations and countries and put into secret bank accounts will also be prevented this way.

When a country is cooperating with large foreign groups, they should not enter into agreements where the country's resources to be brought out of the country. The foreign partners will be able to take out a percentage of profit for effort, but not milk the land for resources. Agreements will be concluded so that the country's population should benefit from the recovery from the country's resources.

There is no desire to control by religions. Land shall be governed by ethical guidelines and these are universal and do not have a particular religious affiliation in the system. Being the leader of a country is not a personal mission to harvest celebration, and to exercise power abuse, but to lead a country is perceived as a service action for the people. The ability to manage a country will be achieved through regular periodic dividend of leaders so that continuous, new leaders to prevent the country should be governed by unfit persons are not worthy.


The possibility for re-election shall be present, but only through democratic election principles. In this way the appropriate government leaders and citizens and the country's well-being is secured.

World Council will carry out active action against countries that destroys the community and which do not comply with the governing human rights and duties. There should be a consensus in the world council and member states that inadequate controls are set aside. A temporary solution with a reserve of government instituted by World Council of that country shall be inserted until it made a democratic choice and autonomy is in place. World Leaders should be evaluated by what they do and not what they say. The new democratically elected leader systems shall be approved and have a trial of the world council, but also with the approbation of the country's citizens. How maintained a decent control system. This requires that people must make active choices and to engage in the country's affairs. This will feel natural after a while when people see that it has an impact through a new management system and a common human spirit in which corruption and abuse loses his life's foundation.

This arrangement shall be of a routine practice that all member countries of the world council have accepted. When all financial budgets are public, it will not be an obstacle for member countries to veto to ensure their financial interests of this country that are considered to have an interim government installed. The World Council will have a stronger impact when member states act out of ethical principles and economic principles not as a rule.

This practice must follow a manual that world governments are informed about and that member states have agreed to.

An organized the press bodies shall regularly report what is happening in the world and operate under their own names such as: Eye of the World. Those who work there shall be paid by grants from the World Council, but working under the leading paper press and media in general.

Regular reports on the world state is sent to the World Council and gathered new information and with links posted on the world council's website. Updates and news about all the world countries should be at home. In this way, the world's population will have current information about the world state. Positive news about the measures that work should also be informed.

People at the grass root level should  be able to reach the press in a simple manner so that issues are identified. It should be available in the public information to representatives of the Eye of the World in all the world regions. They have the obligation to investigate and to exercise objective press coverage. In this way the press coverage will be without the influence of power and control of any country’s leading authorities. Is it difficult in some countries, other countries with better security for its employees will assume this responsibility.
Failure to report any replaced them with representatives who are willing to perform this task. The media agencies should take this task seriously, increase their legitimacy and push ethical review.

The appeal was published 2011-02-11. On the same date it was created a website with the address
This website will be available in a few years from publication date. What the world's population and individuals choose to do with the appeal of its content will be for their accounts. I have done my task and delivered.

What humanity will choose as their way forward is their  common choice.

One thing I am sure of is that most of us have the hope that grows the good on a fair ground.


This concludes the appeal.

Now it is up to you, the leaders of the world, media of the world and the people of the world to make your choice what to do with these words, this appeal. The possibility to make the impossible possible, exists. United we can change our future, common goals, common mentality and consciousness. It all begins today; it begins with you and with your next step. Look into yourself; look for your common sense and consciousness. Listen to their voices, and make your choice. Make your actions based on reflections. Make what is good for all of us being the driving force behind your choices. Even if you will gain nothing in a financial way, you will gain a lot in light of the future.

Demand that the leaders and the press fulfill their responsibilities and demand of yourself to do your best in the interest for us all. “WE CAN TURN”.

The purpose of this appeal is that the press simultaneously, to the extent possible, distributes it throughout the world.

  • I wish for the press to focus, in a friendly manner, upon the leaders, and forward this to the leaders that have decided anything related to the human rights. It is approx 167 countries.
  • I wish, that after a certain time, the leaders should be granted the possibility to make statements about this appeal through the media indicating what they intent to do in changing our future, and how they themselves have acted upon this appeal
  • I wish that everyone use their power in order to make this a part of the effort in changing the future and our consciousness, and that this appeal may continue to live and grow through the choice of the human race
  • I need your help in completing what I have started
  • I wish for “WE WILL TURN” to become a common, unified movement throughout the world – a world we all have given a chance. Then the impossible will become possible.

Greetings with love and peace to us all!