Manifest: WE WILL TURN

Manifest To the government, media and the people of the world.   [counter]


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To the government, media and the people of the world; 


I am a private citizen with a special appeal to the leaders of the world, the media of the world and the people of the world. I need your kind assistance in order to make a proper, world wide distribution of the appeal “WE WILL TURN”. Please share.


My aim is a distribution of the document to all the leaders of the world. Special they who have accepted the UN Declaration of Human Rights. Furthermore, my request is that the media of the world should be notified that the leaders or countries have received the document WE WILL TURN.

My intention is that the leaders will be given the possibility to comment upon the appeal WE WILL TURN. Therefore I forward a strong appeal to the media to follow up this subject.

 The entire document is available to the people of the world to further distribution in order to make the message known to as great a part of the world as possible. In this way, we can create a common force and wish for a new collective consciousness about our future.

My hope and wish is to gain your assistance in order to make this a part of many movements spreading across the world. It may sound impossible, but nothing is impossible if the driving force, the will and the wish to achieve something is strong enough.

I hope and pray in a humble way that you may assist me, because it is you by the force and intention of the press and the people of the world, that can make this possible.


The World need your assistance to help the human race help them selves.



your friend behind




part one: 11.02.2011

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part two: 21.02.2012

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